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I -AM- Standing Up!!

Well, well.... I won!
Actually, I didn't expect it at all. I won the ThatCostumeGirl.com 's Mardi Gras Mask Contest in the adult division.

Here's the link to my achievement: thatcostumegirl.com/2009/02/24/mardi-gras-mask-contest-winners

and here is the Mask that won:


I got into Ithaca today. Now its a tough choice - Emerson, which I love. or Ithaca, who's offered me a whole lot of dough!

Oh dear.

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Copper Bones - The Goonies
by ~electric-fire on deviantART 

Whoa - here we are luv! My beautiful piece of artwork that fufilled, not one, not two, but three school assignments!! YAY!

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No, seriously - it did. Here's a transcript of tonight's most shocking event ever.

The cast: Cotton, Me, Cotton's Mum, Me Mumsy
The setting: Eating ice cream outside a friendly's and just chitt-chatting.

Cotton and Pip- chit chat chit chat
They finally notice these three cars loitering at the far side of the parking lot.
Cotton and Pip - "Hey, whattaya supose..."
Blue Mini Van that was loitering zooms up in front of the four.
Dude in minivan with baseball cap: Hey, is there a concert around here?
Pip and Cotton: -shake heads, no-
Pip's Mum - (taking perogative) Not that we know of. What are you looking for?
D.I.M.W.B.C - Just some music, y'know...
Cotton's Mum - Not around here.
Pip's Mum - You could try the stadium...
 D.I.M.W.B.C - Really, aww...
Cotton - Nothing happens here.
Pip - no, not here.
DIMWBC - We were looking for some music...
The four (getting annoyed) - *various forms of nope, no, and nothing exciting happens around here*
DIMWBC - Some happy music. - presses button, music starts blaring-

All of a sudden 15-20 teenage guys without shirts and bandanna's tied around their faces  jump out of various hiding places around the parking lot and start dancing.

The four are in shock.

Just as fast as they came, the guys jump into three cars and zoom away.


We proceed to laugh until our guts burst, and then we went home.  I think I'll never be able to go to Friendly's again with out seeing that in my mind's eye.

My thoughts? "Is this the northern version of cow tipping?"

Oh, and as we drove away, we saw the cars parked on the dark side of friendly's, waiting for some new victims.

Goodness gracious. Did us and our mum's just get Punk'd or what was it? I dunno - but I'm gonna be searching YouTube for this one.

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Snape. Snape. Severus Snape.
by ~electric-fire on deviantART

^___^ No comment, just Snape. Gypsynights will like this one! :)

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Well, its June, and I've made pretty great progress so far, I must say.  I have seen two movies on my to-see list (Shrek 3 and PotC), I've finished my PoA Scarf, I've been named stage manager of the Show Choir, which I am thrilled about, and summer hasn't even really started yet!

Now, I need some help - I've got two medium-sized skeins of yarn - blue and bronze (now which House is that? I wonder....) and well, I can't decide what to make, but I've got to get going fast to get it done in time for the movie! Here is what I am thinking --- Legwarmers, armwarmers, or a bag. Or even another house scarf, traditional style this time, course.

Last night was 80s prom night at LT and I was crazy I must admit... legwarmers, leggings, big t-shirt, all that crazy great stuff .... I looked like something outta Flashdance. But I <3 the 80s, so its all good.  Pool It! the Monkees album came out in the 80s. Course, Mike Nesmith wasn't on it, but its still a very good listen - the best songs on it are definitely Since You Went Away, Gettin In, and Every Step of the Way. They are different from the rest of the time period songs, like their 60s songs with a distinctly 80s flair, but not quite David Bowie and Queen, ya know? 

Speaking of David Bowie, guess what I'm gonna get!!! Goblins of the Labyrinth -- I am so thrilled about this book, and I just can't wait!

Well, I've got to be going now... might be going to the Hot Topic outlet store today!

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George Weasley..or is it Fred?
by ~electric-fire on deviantART

Well, Deviantart is liking me better and better lately, so I thought I'd put this fella up.... yes, I am a HUGE fan of our favorite twins... But I like George better, hence....

Media: Pencils and Text added in MSPaint (its the Lumos Font)

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Have you read it? Okay, now, you may read on :)

Isn't it thrilling? 2010 seems like such a long time away, but if you think about it, its not very far away at all! ^_^ I can't wait - I know I'm going to save up my money forever before I go and spend a whole vacation trompsing around Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley or drinking butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks! Sides, everyone knows Orlando is a vacationing hot-spot!!

But I just saw this news briefing today on the Leaky Cauldron, and I was sooo excited I thought I would share it with you all!!

Isn't it amazing??


On another HP related note - I finished PoA scarf late last night, and true to the movie... it is BIG. Really Big. So Big in fact, if I didn't wrap it around and knot it around my neck I would be tripping on it. Over ten feet long, is pretty long I would say.

And I came -this- close to running out of my crimson yarn... phew, dodged that bullet!

I'll talk to you muggles later.

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As a note, before the entry, I have decided to no longer make all my entries Friends-only, so read 'em while you can (I might just change my mind!


Harry, Harry Potter, King of the wild frontier....
What? Thats supposed to be Davy Crocket? Ah well, mine sounds better, since Deathly Hallows is sooo close to us!

Actually, I am in the process of knitting two scarves: A Gryfindor PoA Scarf, and a traditonal Ravenclaw Scarf, which I am planning on wearing to work every day this summer. (who cares if its 100 degrees out, right? Harry deserves it!)
Scarves are rather easy, but the interesting thing about these scarves are is they are seriously HUGE.

The PoA scarf is a little more complicated than the original scarf - there is more alteration of yarns, so if you loathe joining together all those little ends, I would not reccomend this pattern. It has 13 large stripes, about 24 little yellow (or black -Hufflepuff-, silver -Slytherin-, or bronze -Ravenclaw-) stripes, with the dominant color in between.

My personal pattern is done in the garter stitch, and I had to alter all the other patterns to my own needs - basically, I already had the correct color yarn on hand, but not enough to knit in the round.
I'm using size 11 needles, and I don't really like to write (or read for that matter) all those confusing abbreviations, do you? So I write mine in plain ol' English.

My PoA Scarf Pattern

Cast on 30 stitches in your dominant color. If you want your scarf wider or thinner, cast on the amount you would like. I would reccomend casting on 20 or more stitches however, because if its smaller, it is alot more complicated and tends to look stretched out when it is in this pattern.

Knit or purl 50 rows.

Switch to secondary color

Knit 5 rows.

Switch to dominant color

Knit 5 rows

Switch to secondary color

Knit 5 rows

Switch to dominant color and repeat until you have 13 of the 50 row stripes - end with the last 50 row stripe- don't switch to your secondary color.

There - thats not so hard, is it? Its not an exact replica of the movie scarfs (which are stockinette stitch and knit in the round.) but it looks lovely, and will keep you lookin' cool, and feelin' warm!

So, to quote Fred and George... "Go back to your knitting!"

And just as a TS (thought sparker) Who are your favorite characters from HP? Here are mine

Neville Longbottom
Fred and George Weasly
Reubus Hagrid
Stan Shunpike

No particular order, what?

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Davy Jones - Red Maracas
by ~electric-fire on deviantART

Again, only as a DA plug, and in public mode, so ya'll can see its loveliness

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Hello Everyone and welcome to Electric_Fire's Livejournal, I AM Standing up. 

Unfortunately, for safety issues, my livejournal is friends only, so I'll have to friend you, or you'll have to friend me to read my journal.

About  I AM Standing Up :  "I AM Standing up!" is a quote from the Monkees Television show. It is from the Episode Captain Crocodile, when the Monkees perform various skits parodying various TV shows. Here is the context of the quote.

MICKY (dressed as gameshow host): Now for: To Tell a Lie.
MIKE, DAVY, PETER (siting behind a table with a shadow over their faces)
MIKE: I am the real David Jones
DAVY: I am the real David Jones
PETER: I am the real David Jones.
MICKY: Will the real David Jones please stand up?
DAVY:.... I AM Standing up.

See, Davy is short, just as short as I am, so I thought it would be an appropriate name for my livejournal.

About my username - Wool_hat: Mike Nesmith of the Monkees is famous for the wool hat that is perched upon his head in every episode of the first season. He doesn't wear it so much in the second season, but the hat had already achieved its fame, so Mike was forever known as "Woolhat" Nesmith. In one episode he even pretends to be the inventor of Woolhats!

So you want to see inside? Friend me, and you can read my zaniness to your hearts content!

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